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【Ready Stock】Yushou Wish Paper for 1pcs 御守宣纸 明治神宫御守纸天然水晶消磁祈福许愿用1件1张

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【Ready Stock】Yushou Wish Paper for 1pcs 御守宣纸 明治神宫御守纸天然水晶消磁祈福许愿用1件1张 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes



御守宣是日本水鸥派晶石消磁必御守宣,须用的祈福纸,还可以为佛像开光祈愿中使用。御守宣纸有什么功效? 怎么用:


御守宣使用方法: 把手链放在碗里,碗里放入盐,把纸背面写上你的愿望,生日、名字、祈福的内容,之后把御守纸放在碗上24小时候消磁后焚烧纸就可以。




Yushou Wish Paper is a standing item for blessing and degaussing, and it is very popular.

Yushou Wish Paper Yuntian (御守の纸くもそら) is a special prayer utensil for the Japanese imperial family at the Meiji Shrine, and it is also one of the products of the combination of Eastern Tantric Buddhism and Japanese Shintoism.

Yushou Wish Paper is the Japanese water gull school spar degaussing must Yushou Wish Paper, the blessing paper that must be used, and it can also be used in praying for Buddha statues. What are the effects of Yushou Wish Paper? How to use:

The function and use of Yushou Wish Paper:

How to use Yushou Wish Paper: Put the bracelet in the bowl, put salt in the bowl, write your wish, birthday, name, and blessings on the back of the paper, then put the Yushou Wish Paperr on the bowl for 24 hours and burn it after demagnetization Paper will do.

If you don't use the degaussing paper, degaussing can only maintain the initial good fortune, and you cannot add new good luck and bracelet exchanges as the future needs.

Because Yushou Wish Paper is influenced by the Eastern Mistry, and the Buddhist Tantras are Dongmi, Zangmi, and Mengmi, the Yushou Wish Paper can be used in praying for Buddha statues.

On the back, write the results of previous practice, wishes, etc., and burn them 24 hours before the Buddha statue.

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