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【Clear Stock/Special Offer】Maxigenes Skim Instant Milk Powder 脱脂速溶奶粉

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【Clear Stock/Special Offer】Maxigenes Skim Instant Milk Powder 脱脂速溶奶粉 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

************Expiry Date: 30 August 2022***********

Maxigenes® Skim Instant Milk Powder

  • Made with 100% real milk
  • No preservatives
  • Good source of calcium

Maxigenes® Skim Instant Milk Powder is made from 100% high quality fresh milk in a safe and convenient powdered form. Simply add water to create a creamy and pleasant tasting milk with great nutritional benefits. Each serve naturally retains essential nutrients from fresh milk,such as calcium. Our Maxigenes® Skim Instant Milk Powder provides a versatile option for the whole family to enjoy, as an addition to your favourite recipes or a simple glass of refreshing milk.

Suitable for the whole family, including children over 3 years, pregnant women and adults.

Maxigenes® Skim Instant Milk Powder provides the following essential nutrients and important nutritional components to help nourish your body for healthy living.

Calcium is important for the development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones and teeth. Calcium assists in the function of the cells, nerves, enzymes and hormones.

For richer flavour and extra nourishment, use additional powder to suit your personal taste or preference. To enhance the natural flavour store the reconstituted skim milk in the fridge overnight before use.

Direction to make 1 cup


Step 1:
Place 1/2 cup of lukewarm water into a clean container.

Step 2
: Add 1/3 cup (35g) of Maxigenes Skim Instant Milk Powder and stir gently until dissolved.

Step 3:
Add more water to make 1 cup.


Store powder in a cool dry place. Keep reconstituted milk refrigerated between 0-4°C and consume within 7 days. Please note that scoops inside the jar are for spooning powdered contents only, rather than for any measurement purposes. For measurement please use your own utensils if you cannot find a scoop contained within the jar and/or for exact measurement to suit your personal taste.


For people who are lactose intolerance, drinking cow’s milk may cause bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence and other symptoms. Cow’s milk intake should be prohibited if severe symptoms present. For people who experience mild symptoms please consider the following:

1. A small amount of repeated consumption may help reduce lactose intolerance reactions; consuming no more than 250mL at a time is advisable.

2. Do not drink cow’s milk on empty stomach.

3. Use yoghurt, goat or sheep milk instead of fresh cow’s milk or pure cow’s milk powder.

For people who are allergic to cow’s milk, drinking cow’s milk may cause eczema, asthma, cough, rhinitis, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Cow’s milk intake should be prohibited if severe symptoms present. For severe allergies please follow the advice of your healthcare professional.



  • 采用100%纯牛奶制成
  • 无防腐剂
  • 钙的良好来源

Maxigenes®Skim速溶奶粉由100%优质鲜奶制成,安全方便的粉状。 只需加入水即可制作出奶油味宜人的牛奶,营养丰富。 每种食物都能自然地保留新鲜牛奶中必需的营养成分,如钙。 我们的Maxigenes®Skim速溶奶粉为全家人提供了多种选择,是您喜爱的食谱或简单的一杯清爽牛奶的补充。



钙对于健康的骨骼和牙齿的发育和维持非常重要。 钙有助于细胞,神经,酶和激素的功能。

为了更丰富的味道和额外的营养,使用额外的粉末,以满足您的个人品味或偏好。 为了增强天然风味,在使用前将再生脱脂乳储存在冰箱中过夜。



第1步: 将1/2杯温水放入干净的容器中。

第2步: 加入1/3杯(35克)Maxigenes脱脂速溶奶粉,轻轻搅拌至溶解。





1. 少量的重复食用可能有助于减少乳糖不耐受反应;一次消耗不超过250mL是可取的。





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