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Miss Candy Nail Care 糖果小姐 指甲护理

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品牌: 糖果小姐
指甲油/美甲产品单品: 指缘油笔套装
净含量: 2ml
颜色分类: NF004 人参籽护甲精华油
规格类型: 正常规格

1. 人参籽油提炼,人参籽含微量元素有修复细胞功能,让暗淡甲面焕发光泽,滋养指缘肌肤。
2. 葡萄籽油可以改善甲面暗黄损伤,重焕光泽。
3. 小麦蛋白可以缓解角质蛋白流失,保持亮泽和柔韧。
4. 角鲨烷可以软化角质,强韧皮脂膜和润弹甲緣。



Brand: Miss Candy
Nail Polish / Nail Products Single Item: Finger Oil Pen Set
Net content: 2ml
Color classification: NF004 ginseng seed armor essence oil
Specification Type: Normal Specifications

Candy Miss Nail Care is a finger-finger oil extracted from ginseng seed extract. It is a nutrient armor oil to remove dead skin, improve, dark yellow, rough, and vulnerable.

The materials used are as follows:-
1. The ginseng seed oil is refined, and the ginseng seeds contain trace elements to repair the cells so that the dull face glows and nourishes the finger skin.
2. Grape seed oil can improve the dark yellow damage of the nail surface and regain its luster.
3. Wheat protein can relieve keratin loss and maintain shine and flexibility.
4. Squalane can soften the keratin, strengthen the sebum membrane and moisturize the edge of the armor.

The nail care pen is light and oily. It can be carried like a lipstick. It is not easy to break compared with the glass bottle. It seals the pen tube and keeps the product active and healthier. Pressing the tail of the pen tube for 2-3 times can produce oil, and the dosage is more accurate, avoiding the soft and gentle application of the waste.

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