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【Ready Stock】Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet 天然彩虹眼黑曜手链

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【Ready Stock】Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet 天然彩虹眼黑曜手链 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes




The rainbow eye black glares is the most famous kind of black glares. Rainbow-eyed obsidian, also known as rainbow flash, is commonly known as single-eyed obsidian or double-eyed obsidian due to the oval shape of some stripes, because in addition to the larger and rarer output, the appearance is also quite beautiful.

Rainbow eye obsidian is generally of better quality and can reflect yellow, purple or green light under strong light. Rainbow eyes are concentric circles, also called rainbow lights.

The role of rainbow eye obsidian
①The energy of rainbow eye obsidian is very powerful, and it has the effect of preventing evil from evil; it is very effective that rainbow eye obsidian often appears in places with heavy energy such as in and out of hospitals and cemeteries. Its magnetic field energy is very absorbing. Can absorb the negative sexual energy brought back by the human body;
②Rainbow eye obsidian is especially suitable for people who also change to work or who often walk at night to stare. It can penetrate the bad things and avoid bad things close to the body; it is an excellent amulet and evil spirit;
③The energy of rainbow eye obsidian can also enhance blood circulation in the body and improve the symptoms of weak and qi deficiency; in addition, it is very helpful for friends with poor sleep quality. Rainbow eye obsidian can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality;
④Rainbow eye obsidian has enhanced vitality and restores physical strength and spirit. For people who often use their brains and work at night, turning into rainbow eye obsidian can quickly enter the busy and busy work of the next day by rebuilding refreshing vitality. Go; for women, creating rainbow-eyed obsidian can prevent the interference and invasion of bad opposite sex and improve luck;
⑤Rainbow eye obsidian placed in the home can be set to eliminate the unpleasant smell and unlucky;
⑥ Leaders aiming at rainbow-eyed obsidian can make people stable, relieve stress, calm down, and eliminate emotional obstacles. At the same time, they can offset rainbow-eyed obsidian to strengthen action, increase leadership charm, centripetal force, and help career and money. So it is also called "the leader's stone"; Rainbow eye obsidian can also improve addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs.

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