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【Ready Stock】Natural Tera Hertz Bracelet 天然太赫茲手链 (Import From Japan 日本进口)

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【Ready Stock】Natural Tera Hertz Bracelet 天然太赫茲手链 (Import From Japan 日本进口) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes



Recently, a kind of jewelry called Tera Hertz stone bracelet (bracelet) has become popular in Japan. It is said that there are many benefits to the human body. It has the effect of improving the human body's magnetic field, enhancing cell activity, maintaining health, and delaying aging. So what exactly is terahertz?

The efficacy of Tera Hertz
1. Conductivity/specific heat transfer
Terahertz ore has excellent thermal conductivity and specific heat characteristics. It can be raised and lowered immediately with a small amount of energy, and only needs to be placed in cold or hot water for 5 seconds to easily experience the beauty effects of cold and hot compresses;
Hyperthermia: relax the skin, promote blood circulation, and promote introduction;
Cold therapy: calming, firming, lifting;
2. Fertility light
The effect of terahertz: the fertility light can penetrate 4-5 cm below the surface of the skin, and resonate with the water molecules in human cells, so that the water molecule groups are activated due to shrinkage, accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, and remove harmful substances in the body. Enzymes in the upper body are rapidly produced to activate physiological functions.
3. Slimming
Fertility light can promote the physiological redox reaction, reduce the accumulation of excess fat, and improve the body shape; it has a heat preservation effect, which can save physical energy consumption and maintain the body's nutritional status;
4. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis
It can relieve pain and reduce inflammation, activate immune function, revive regenerative function, remove congestion, recover after injury, regenerate nerve fiber, restore consciousness and physiological function.
5. Inhibition of cells
It can treat muscle and neurological diseases, produce positive functions on muscle acid, tannic acid, and liver, eliminate tension and inexplicable dullness; it can inhibit the development of cancer cells and unlock the destructive power of bad proteins;
6. Activation function
It can promote perspiration and the elimination of subcutaneous fat (pay attention to supplementing water), and discharge heavy metals and other accumulated wastes in the body, so as to achieve the effects of health, beauty, and exercise; it can activate physiological functions and functions, intensify hormones and enzymes, and enhance vital

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