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【Ready Stock】Your Skin Clean Tooth Mousse Foam Toothpaste 约肤洁牙慕斯泡沫牙膏 去除口臭气 去牙黄 牙渍 牙垢 美白牙齿✨口腔清洁 小苏打牙膏

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【Ready Stock】Your Skin Clean Tooth Mousse Foam Toothpaste 约肤洁牙慕斯泡沫牙膏 去除口臭气 去牙黄 牙渍 牙垢 美白牙齿✨口腔清洁 小苏打牙膏 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Brand: Your Skin
Net content: 60g
Description: Mint Fragrance
Shelf life: 3 years
Function: The latest smoke to remove stains and stains, fresh breath ✨✨✨

Clean Tooth Mousse uses customized imported formula to whiten and remove stains and keep your teeth updated at all times. It is the first choice for fashionable life. The product ingredients are pure natural plant extract ingredients, safe and reliable, suitable for all ages. The effect is remarkable.  

【Clean Tooth Mousse】 24-hour personal oral protection expert to solve oral problems such as black, yellow teeth, tartar, bad breath, dental plaque, tooth swelling and pain, and oral teeth. It can be easily used anytime, anywhere on the road, in the car, in the work unit, at the table, in tea, and on business trips. How to use: Shitian Quick Mouth Usage: Shake the bottle gently when in use, 12 interviews, and deliver the foam directly into the mouth, spit out after 10-15 quick mouths, and then wash your breath with clear water! When brushing your teeth: use the bottle lightly, three or three times, send the foam directly into the oral cavity by the toothbrush, brush your teeth evenly 2-3 times and then spit, and then use water for rapid oral cleaning and oral correction  

【The latest principle】 Use plant extracts to extract effective ingredients to quickly remove the precipitated essence on the teeth, to achieve a protective layer on the surface of the teeth, whitening precipitates, teeth whitening, safe and effective treatment! 

品牌: 约肤 Your Skin
净含量: 60g
香味: 薄荷香型
保质期: 3年
功能: 美白 去牙渍 去烟渍 口气清新✨✨✨

本洁牙慕斯采用定制进口配方强力祛牙渍而使您的牙齿时刻保持美白,是时尚人生的首选。产品成分为纯天然植物提取物组成,安全可靠, 老少皆宜。三瓶一疗程,确保效果显著。



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