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【Ready Stock】Chinese Herb Refill Pack for Electric Heating Bag 中药艾草艾绒补充片

RM 38.00
【Ready Stock】Chinese Herb Refill Pack for Electric Heating Bag 中药艾草艾绒补充片 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


规格:15*9cm   10片
适合人群:全家适用 (孕妇禁用)




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Why choose our products?
The traditional Chinese medicine wormwood sold in our shop is genuine. The herb has been developed for 5 years of motherwort/wormwood, and the effect is better. The motherwort/wormwood is ground into fine particles. The warming belt combined with motherwort/wormwood tablets can achieve the best effect for warming the palace, warming the stomach and warming the waist.

product information:
Name: Moxa flakes
Main ingredients: Motherwort series
Specification: 15*9cm 10 pieces
Ingredients: Motherwort, Moxa, Safflower, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, Old ginger, Tendon grass, Angelica dahurica, Cumin, Angelica, Skull grass
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for the whole family (prohibited for pregnant women)
The effects of wormwood bag: regulating qi and blood, warming meridians, dispelling cold and dampness, relieving cold and pain, promoting qi and promoting blood circulation, dredging meridians, relieving yang deficiency, dysmenorrhea, regulating Huiyin acupoints, dredging body veins, relieving constipation and hemorrhoids.
Motherwort's effects: promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation, diuresis and swelling, clearing away heat and detoxification.

Non-woven breathable packaging: independent packaging, to promote penetration, please use the warm uterine belt to heat the side to have medicinal effect, each piece can be reused for 10-15 days to replace it.

1. Insert the moxa sheet into the uterine warming belt or place it between the hot compress and the uterine warmer. It is not recommended to use it against the skin to avoid excessive heat and burn your delicate skin. You can use it with a thin layer of clothing.
2. One minute after booting, there is obvious feeling
3. Warm palace body

Reminder: If you are a person who is prone to get angry, such as skin rash, red and swollen eyes, easy throat inflammation, or pregnant mothers, this moxa cushion is not suitable for you.

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