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Combination Fruit Flower Tea 组合果粒茶水果花果茶

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Combination Fruit Flower Tea 组合果粒茶水果花果茶 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


配料表: 猕猴桃干 冬瓜干 山楂 葡萄干 木瓜干 玫瑰茄 白砂糖 乌梅干 乌梅核 苹果干 槟榔梅干 重瓣红玫
储藏方法: 避光 密封 冷藏为宜
保质期 : 360
系列: 花果茶
食品添加剂 : 无
净含量 : 200g/罐

Healthy fresh tea fruit and fruit tea is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Because it uses freeze-drying technology, no preservatives, no food additives, as long as hot water can drink fresh fruit tea is simple and convenient, even as a snack Eat, you can beauty and beauty, increase your body's immunity, especially for modern people who are busy with life.

Ingredients: dried kiwi, dried melon, hawthorn, raisin, dried papaya, roselle, white sugar, ebony, ebony, apple, dried betel nut, dried red rose
Storage method: Protect from light, seal, refrigerate
Shelf life : 360
Series: Flower Fruit Tea
Food Additives : None
Net content : 200g/btl

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