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Flower Rose Jam Handmade Marinated 鲜花玫瑰花蜜酱果酱手工腌制250g

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Flower Rose Jam Handmade Marinated 鲜花玫瑰花蜜酱果酱手工腌制250g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes





配料表: 玫瑰花瓣、白砂糖、葡萄糖浆、水
储藏方法: 阴凉干燥处
保质期: 546
食品添加剂: 柠檬酸、海藻酸钠、山梨酸钾、苯甲酸钠、卡拉胶
包装方式: 包装
净含量: 250g

The smart modern man made the rose into a rose sauce. Chinese medicine believes that if women often eat rose sauce, they can play a role in skin care and promote beauty and beauty. At the same time, eating roses can also make women's pores emit the fragrance of roses, so that women's aroma is compelling. In daily life, you can brew the hot capital directly into the hot water, or add some cold drinks. Drinking not only the mouth and the fragrance, it can make you feel the sweetness of happiness, but also help to fight the darkness of the skin.

Chinese medicine believes that rose sauce has the effect of promoting blood circulation and congestion. For those who have pain in some abdomen or bruises in the abdomen, eating more rose sauce can help relieve pain. It is a good choice to use rose sauce in the filling of various foods, or to make porridge. The rich fragrance of roses makes you feel a sense of fragrance that is never seen.

Auxiliary treatment of stomach diseases, because it is for patients with stomach cold, superficial gastritis, daily can continue to take about 20 grams of sauce, the problem of gastrointestinal discomfort after a year can be greatly alleviated.

Rose sauce, to keep women away from gynecological diseases, women usually have dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, daily can be relieved by eating rose sauce. It is for girls who like to drink tea, like to drink milk, like coffee, when drinking tea, drinking milk and drinking coffee every day, adding some rose sauce to make a cold drink, not only has good flavor, but also promotes the body. health.

Ingredients: rose petals, white sugar, glucose syrup, water
Storage method: cool and dry place
Shelf life: 546
Food additives: citric acid, sodium alginate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, carrageenan
Packing: Packaging
Net content: 250g

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