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Genuine Natural Strong Magnetic Olivine Meteorite Bracelet 正品天然强磁橄榄陨石手链 助眠固本手珠

RM 169.20
Genuine Natural Strong Magnetic Olivine Meteorite Bracelet 正品天然强磁橄榄陨石手链 助眠固本手珠 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Olivine meteorites are mainly stony meteorites. Although they belong to the class of stony meteorites, they are classified as achondrites, and their main components are meteorites mainly composed of olivine.

Olivine meteorite is one of the achondrite meteorites. It is composed of ultramafic silicate and carbon-rich material. The carbon-rich material in the planet is rich in rare gases and has a certain degree of reduction. In scientific research, it has been found that under the action of impact force, carbon-rich substances can be converted into diamonds. However, the chance of diamonds produced by the impact force is very small, and the size of diamonds is basically sub-diamond. The number below the millimeter level is also extremely limited.

1. Olive meteorite contains green light and is also the light of wealth, which helps to attract wealth energy.
2. It helps to dispel the negative emotional energy of tension, anxiety and depression, bring fresh and happy energy, soothe the nerves, make sitting and standing comfort, and sleep peacefully.
3. The energy of meteorites is very strong. Wearing meteorite ornaments is an excellent amulet and warding off evil. It will be more effective if you can use it in normal times to hold mantras and chant for a period of time.
3. Placing meteorites in the home, such as hanging on the door, window, balcony, hospital bed, desk or car, etc., has the effect of suppressing uncoordinated and unstable energy fields, making the space peaceful and peaceful. Peaceful and wishful.
4. Meteorites are also energy amplifiers, which can enhance the energy of the wearer's crystals, increase physical strength and purify the magnetic field.
5. Helps to bring lucky energy, easy to meet good friends, noble people to help and get better opportunities.
6. It can be used as a tool for degaussing and charging other crystals.

Note: The photos shown are all lighted, and the delivery is optional. The meteorites are naturally formed, and there are various shapes and colors. But rest assured, the products sold in this store are all natural meteorites, and the goods are received. Later, you can get in touch with meteorite customers, and you will feel the mystery of the cold universe if you meditate and make a wish in your heart.




注意: 照片所显示都是有打光,而发货是随意选择,陨石是天然形成,有各种各样的形图及颜色,不过放心,本店所销售的产品都是天然陨石,收到货后,可以接触到陨石客户,心里默念许愿就会感觉到冰冷宇宙奥秘。

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