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【Ready Stock】Golden Sand Stone Bracelet 金砂石手链 聚财许愿石情侣

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【Ready Stock】Golden Sand Stone Bracelet 金砂石手链 聚财许愿石情侣 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The effect and function of Golden Sand Stone
  Golden Sand Stone is also one of the fortune stones. Legend has it that its orange-red gold flakes have golden reflections and have the energy to attract fortune, which can enhance fortune and gather wealth. In addition, if you hold the sandstone in your hand during meditation, it can promote blood circulation. Sandstone can also increase a person's clear, bright, and pleasant awareness, which can make people like and pursue higher wisdom.

The effect and function of Golden Sand Stone attract noble people. The sandstone symbolizing opportunity is helpful for seeking and gathering wealth. The red-brown shining sands are like the treasures of gold diggers. They can best help refresh opportunities and attract destined nobles invisibly.

The Wishing Stone of the Efficacy and Function of Golden Sand Stone In Indian legend, the golden sand stone is a kind of wishing stone, which has the effect of avoiding evil. Wearing equipment for a long time is said to have incredible magical powers, lowering blood pressure, calming the nerves, and improving sleep!




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