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【Ready Stock】Hong Thai Herbal Nasal Herb 草药鼻通草本八仙筒

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【Ready Stock】Hong Thai Herbal Nasal Herb 草药鼻通草本八仙筒 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

(Thailand Authentic 泰国正品)

【Product Name】 Thailand Hong Thai nose pass
【Place of Origin】Thailand
【Main Effect】 Relieve dizziness and relieve nasal congestion
【Product Description】 Hong Thai's nose is a 100% natural herbal extract that does not cause allergies. The vanilla smell is cool and cool, which can effectively relieve dizziness and relieve nasal congestion. The effect is similar to that of the famous Eight Immortals in Thailand. Chinese people generally like this kind of not too snot, but it is very cool, and it smells fresh and refreshing. It is rich in the scent of the unique herbs, which makes people feel refreshed with a single suck, and the nose is all over!
[Usage] Open the lid and feel it when you feel dizzy.

【产品名称】泰国Hong Thai 鼻通  
【 产 地】泰国
【产品介绍】Hong Thai的这款鼻通,是100%纯天然草本提取物,不会引起过敏,香草气味凉爽无比,能有效缓解头昏目眩,缓解鼻塞。功效相似于泰国著名的八仙筒,中国人一般都喜欢这种不会太呛鼻,但是很清凉的味道,一嗅马上清新爽利。它富含特有的草本的清香,轻轻一吸便使人觉得清爽无比,鼻子一下子通了!

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