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Light Sense Isolated Emulsion 男士隔离乳霜

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Who want to make themselves very handsome and too lazy to make up must look at the latest solution:

There are two qualities of the isolated milk before the makeup

#01 natural white, that is, the skin protection cover, the function is not only Bright skin tone, for yellowish dull skin, not like makeup, after use, you don't need to worry about makeup removal. You only need cleansing milk to make the texture very clear and very easy to push.

#02 acne green, which is designed for reddish skin, dark circles and acne muscles.

These two kinds of makeup before the isolation of milk slightly concealed daily work, interviews, friends gathering, girlfriend dating necessary!

想要让自己变得很帅又懒得化妆的男生们一定要看, 最新解决方案:


#01自然白, 也就是可以肌肤防护罩一样,功能除了提亮肤色, 针对偏黄暗沉肌肤,不像化妆一般样子,使用过后完全不需要担心卸妆问题,只需要洗面奶就可以了质地非常清透,非常容易即可推。

#02调痘绿,功能针对泛红肌肤、熬夜黑眼圈及痘痘肌。 这两种感妆前隔离乳一抹清爽不油腻,夏日隔离更是防水防汗,质地细腻,轻薄易推开。适合日常上班、面试,朋友聚会、女友约会必备!

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