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【Ready Stock】Green Sand Stone Bracelet 绿金沙石手链

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Green Sand Stone is also known as the stone of vitality. Green itself symbolizes vitality, so Green Sand Stone can improve careers, bring good luck to people in careers, and condense wealth. At the same time, the green crystal can develop wisdom, improve intuition, make people calm and calm, and promote popularity. Green Sand Stone has a special energy magnetic field, which can gather to avoid evil. Because the crystals of green gold quicksand stone generally contain other minerals, it contains strong energy.

Green Sand Stone are the main source of wealth and can strengthen people's career and wealth. Take the eagerly Green Sand Stone, wearing Green Sand Stone jewelry can bring all the good luck, good opportunities, good friends and even the help of noble people. Green Sand Stone is unique in recruiting noble people. The light and strong magnetic field of Green Sand Stone can attract the nobles who are helpful to you, so that you can get more rewards in your career and make great progress. With progress, gather more wealth.

The Green Sand Stone can ward off evil spirits and transform the house. According to legend, the Green Sand Stone is a gem from hell. It has powerful energy to control evil because it already knows all the secrets of hell. Therefore, friends who are afraid of ghosts or those who are more unlucky can consider buying a Green Sand Stone necklace or bracelet to wear. The Green Sand Stone is also the guardian stone of Cancer in the twelve constellations. Can bring good luck to Cancer friends.




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