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Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Wishing Bottle Pendant 天然粉水晶许愿瓶吊坠 旺姻缘旺感情

RM 138.60
Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Wishing Bottle Pendant 天然粉水晶许愿瓶吊坠 旺姻缘旺感情 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The Rose Quartz wishing bottle pendant can improve interpersonal relationships and increase popularity. Like amethyst, it can promote the relationship between men and women. At the same time, the pink crystal can develop the heart chakra, control the heart and lung functions, and help the health of the respiratory organs. Crystal is also a healing crystal ornament, used to heal the pain of the soul and get comfort.

Rose Quartz is helpful for single friends to attract peach blossoms; at the same time, it can also resolve conflicts between partners, which is more conducive to the progress of the relationship; pink water hanging on the body can allow the owner to bring it into the store or office, which can attract Customers, popular, and enhance the relationship with customers, promote the development of business.

Rose Quartz is a healing crystal. It can soothe the wounds of the soul, master love, bring happiness to people, and enhance the relationship between people. At the same time, it is also suitable for display in office places.

The Rose Quartz wishing bottle pendants in our store can enhance the effect in addition to the crystal energy assistance, plus the blessing of our store.


粉水晶对于单身的朋友来说有助于招来桃花运;同时也可以化解伴侣之间的矛盾,更有利于关系的进展;粉水挂在身上, 可以让主人带来店内或是办公室内,可以吸引顾客,旺人气,并且增进与客户之间的关系,促进生意的发展。



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