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Natural Sea Tahiti Crown Black Pearl Pendant Necklace 天然海水大溪地皇冠黑珍珠吊坠项链

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Natural Sea Tahiti Crown Black Pearl Pendant Necklace 天然海水大溪地皇冠黑珍珠吊坠项链 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes



• 宝贝参数 •
珍珠大小: 8-9/9-10mm

1. 黑珍珠白肌精可以促进表皮角质化,刺激细胞更新、强化血管、毛细管和增加紧实度等作用,使肌肤得到新陈代谢;
2. 把黑珍珠白肌精涂抹在肤色不均匀的地方来减少色素沉淀,使之与周围健康的肌肤色调一致;
3. 具有很好的极好的补水滋润成分,,可以减少角质层中的水分的蒸发,保证肌肤水润富有弹性;
4. 具有较强的毛孔收敛功效,可使肌肤紧致光滑,对淡化色斑,促进细胞活力有很好的效果。



Tahiti, translated from Hong Kong to Taiwan as Tahiti, is the largest island in the French Polynesian Windward Islands and is located in the South Pacific. The four seasons here are warm like spring and rich in products. Black pearls belong to very precious jewelry varieties. It symbolizes the crystallization of the most difficult years. It is called the mother's most painful tear. It is rare after suffering, and it is noble, mysterious, sexy, bold, atmospheric, and exotic.

The mother-of-pearl, which produces black pearls, is a black butterfly shell that secretes black pearls. The beauty of black pearl is that it has a variety of colorful colors on its natural black tone. The most appreciated are iridescent colors such as malachite green, deep purple, and sea blue. Its strong metallic luster will change with the rotation of the pearl, not other Color-changing pearls can be compared.

Tahiti has a long history of pearling, dating back to ancient Greece. There is an old legend that the nectar of the moon fell into the world. When the nectar drips in the black butterfly shell, under the breeding of the ocean, it gathers the essence of the sun and the moon and turns into a charming Tahitian black pearl. So most natural black pearls are drip-shaped. The inherited pearls collected by the European royal family also confirmed this.

• Parameters •
Pearl type: Tahitian black pearl
Pearl size: 8-9 / 9-10mm
Pearl shape: near perfect circle
Pearl luster: extremely bright light
Pearl skin: micro flaw
Accessories Material: Pure S295 silver plated

Black Pearl Effect
1. Black pearl and white muscle essence can promote epidermal keratinization, stimulate cell renewal, strengthen blood vessels, capillaries and increase firmness, etc., so that the skin is metabolized;
2. Apply black pearl and white muscle essence to uneven skin to reduce pigmentation and make it consistent with the surrounding healthy skin tone;
3. It has very good moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, which can reduce the evaporation of water in the stratum corneum and ensure that the skin is hydrated and elastic;
4. It has strong pores astringent effect, can make the skin firm and smooth, and has a good effect on diminishin

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