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Natural White Crystal Lotus Relic Bottle Pendant 天然白水晶莲花舍利瓶吊坠

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Natural White Crystal Lotus Relic Bottle Pendant 天然白水晶莲花舍利瓶吊坠 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Regarding white crystals, I believe that everyone knows more or less. Many people are willing to wear crystals. On the one hand, wearing crystals is good for the body. It is very popular with everyone. Many people like to wear white crystals. White crystal is the most versatile, widely used, most helpful, and representative crystal among all kinds of crystal stones, and is known as the "King of Crystals". The natural white crystal carved lotus pendant is a crystal of purity and holiness. It is also one of the seven treasures of Buddhism and is also known as the "Mani Orb". White crystal has a strong effect, the following is

1. Frail and sick people
  It has a powerful effect of removing negative energy. People who are weak and sick can gradually recover their vitality by wearing white crystals.
2. People who often stay up late
   It can help people who stay up late to maintain a clear mind, improve the effectiveness of inspiration and thinking skills, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.
3. White-collar workers and office workers
   It can effectively reduce the harm of computer radiation to the human body. For long-term work in the office, white crystal can effectively alleviate the harm to it.
4. Students and mental workers
   Have the reputation of "Academic Crystal". Because white crystal is helpful for students to concentrate and improve their learning efficiency, thereby improving their academic performance.
5. The elderly
   It has a certain health care and anti-aging function, so the elderly can be radiant and delay aging when worn.
6. Block the brakes
      When you carry the white crystal with you, its magnetic field will help you block some undesirable magnetic field attacks, which is what we commonly call blocking.
7. Make money
      Wearing on the body can make the vitality vigorous and help make money and prosper

The white crystal and the carved lotus pendant can enhance the effect. The symbolic meaning of the lotus is noble, holy, clean, auspicious, and auspicious. Therefore, adding relics or consecrating the Shurangama Mantra can exert the effect of white crystal several times, purify the negative energy of the magnetic field and help attract wealth.




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