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Orgone Energy Crystal Pyramid 奥根能量水晶灵石金字塔 (旺姻缘、招财运、旺人缘)

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Orgone Energy Crystal Pyramid 奥根能量水晶灵石金字塔 (旺姻缘、招财运、旺人缘) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Orgone (奥根) 是一种能量,是充满宇宙和我们身体一切事物的以太能的另一种名字, Orgone也代表着我们所讲的灵气能量、普拉那、生物磁能、气、软件的电子频率、生命力。它擅长做的是负能量转换成正面能量,维持健康和谐的能量状态。


Orgone is an energy, another name for the etheric energy that fills the universe and everything in our body. Orgone also represents the aura energy, Pula, biomagnetism, gas, software electronics we are talking about. Frequency, vitality. What it excels at is the conversion of negative energy into positive energy, maintaining a healthy and harmonious energy state.

Why use Orgone?
The electrical appliances in your life will invisibly spread electromagnetic radiation, work stress, family stress, less sleep time, insomnia, depression, depression, insecurity, irritability and irritability. Orgone can improve the energy around us and counter the negative energy in my life.

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