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【Ready Stock】Sandalwood Bracelet Creative Cute Lucky Cat Gift 檀木手链创意可爱招财猫咪礼品

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【Ready Stock】Sandalwood Bracelet Creative Cute Lucky Cat Gift 檀木手链创意可爱招财猫咪礼品 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes



1. 紫檀 - 紫檀木含有一种叫做“木氧”的物质,可以散发出一种独特的香味,长期佩戴具有凝神静气、保养皮肤的功效,并且对于各个脏器也有改善作用,紫檀木是制作佛门法器的主材之一,带有一定灵性,可以辟邪开运。
2. 黑檀 - 黑檀木产于印度尼西亚。黑檀木有光泽、无特殊气味。黑檀木气味芬芳,可以安气定神,有缓解压力,怡神养性,促进睡眠的功效。
3. 绿檀 - 绿檀多为源于中美洲西印度群岛的愈疮木(蒺藜科,愈疮木属),而市场上所见到的绿檀主要为蒺藜科维腊木属的木材。,绿檀带有香气,及色由棕色渐变玉绿色而得名,系世界名贵木材,置水则沉,木质散发出檀香味,花纹清晰生动、颜色变幻明显。
4. 崖柏木 - 崖柏是著名的养生保健木材, 能明显改善失眠多梦,其香味可提高血液含氧量,使人精神愉悦,已经可以百邪鬼魅,安魂定魄,益智宁神,提高人体正气。

Sandalwood is a rare and precious tree species, and it is also a world-famous wood. It will sink when placed in water. The wood emits a scent of sandalwood, with clear and vivid patterns and obvious color changes.

Sandalwood mainly includes black sandalwood, red sandalwood, platinum sandalwood, white sandalwood, golden sandalwood, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, Shen sandalwood, sandalwood, etc. Each type of sandalwood has different effects, unique fragrances and colors. In addition, the lucky cat has a unique meaning, which means good luck, fortune, fortune, exorcism and avoidance of evil, and the meaning of dependent origin.

Sandalwood Unique Effects:
1. Pterocarpus indicus - Pterocarpus indicus contains a substance called "wood oxygen", which can emit a unique fragrance. Wearing for a long time has the effect of calming and maintaining skin, and it also improves various organs. Pterocarpus indicus is One of the main materials for making Buddhist artifacts, with a certain spirituality, can ward off evil spirits and make good luck.
2. Ebony - Ebony wood is produced in Indonesia. Ebony wood is shiny and has no special smell. Ebony wood has a fragrant scent, which can calm the mind, relieve stress, refresh the mind, and promote sleep.
3. Green sandalwood - Green sandalwood mostly originates from the guaiac wood (Tribulus family, Guaiacum) from the West Indies of Central America, while the green sandalwood seen on the market is mainly the wood of the Vera genus Tribulus family. , Green sandalwood has a fragrance, and its color changes from brown to jade green. It is a world-famous wood. It is heavy when placed in water. The wood emits a scent of sandalwood. The pattern is clear and vivid, and the color changes obviously.
4. Thuja wood - Thuja is a well-known health-preserving wood. It can significantly improve insomnia and dreaminess. Its scent can increase blood oxygen content and make people happy. It can already kill evil spirits, calm the soul, and calm the mind. , Improve the body's righteousness.

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