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【Ready Stock】Starry Blue Sand Stone Pendant 星空蓝砂石吊坠男女款情侣搭配

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【Ready Stock】Starry Blue Sand Stone Pendant 星空蓝砂石吊坠男女款情侣搭配 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Material: natural crystal/semi-precious stone
Crystal and semi-precious stones classification: other
Pattern: One-line pull
Style: Japanese and Korean
Applicable gender: couple
Pendant size: 0.6*0.6*4cm

材质: 天然水晶/半宝石
水晶及半宝石分类: 其他
图案: 一线牵
风格: 日韩
适用性别: 情侣

The blue sandstone symbolizes progress, success, victory and glory; it can enhance leadership and firm power, enhance the body's righteousness and remove evil spirits; clear the mind and relieve stress. The main producing areas of blue sandstone: Brazil and Canada. Blue sandstone is a kind of beautiful ore, with golden shining dot-like substance on it. This bracelet sparkles in the sun! Blue sandstone belongs to a relatively precious variety of the golden sandstone family. It is formed by countless blue thin scales contained in quartz, which has the effect of warding off evil spirits. Each bead contains countless blue stars, which are shining with blue light. When you hold it in your hand, you will see the stars shining from different angles, which makes people love it.

The color of blue sandstone is close to purple, and the sand inside is blue, so it is called blue sandstone. Blue sandstone symbolizes bravery and perseverance, helps to seek for wealth, gather wealth, and has a hardness of 5-6. The bright stars shining in the beautiful dark blue night sky bring courage, confidence and willpower, and increase vitality and impetus. Wearing blue sandstones can calm the mind, make people concentrate, mentally flexible, and improve concentration at work and personal learning ability.

蓝砂石象征着进取、成功、胜利和荣耀;可增强领导才能和坚固权力,能提升人体的正气、排去邪气;清晰头脑、舒缓压力。蓝砂石的主要产地:巴西、加拿大。蓝砂石是一种美丽的矿石,上面有金光闪闪的发光点状物质.此款手链在阳光下闪闪发光!  蓝砂石属于金砂石家族的一种比较珍贵的品种。是在石英中含有无数蓝色的细鳞片所形成的,具有辟邪的作用。每一颗珠子都包含无数的蓝色的星星,蓝光闪闪的,拿在手里从不同的角度看就会看到星星在闪亮,让人爱不释手。

蓝砂石颜色接近紫色,里边的砂部分为蓝色,故称蓝砂石。蓝砂石象征勇敢与坚毅,有助求财、 聚财,硬度5-6。美丽的深蓝色夜空中闪耀的璀璨群星,带给人勇气、信心和意志力,增加活力和冲劲。佩带蓝沙石可镇定安神,使人集中精神,脑筋灵活,提升工作上的集中力以及个人学习能力。

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